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Even though the summer brings a lot of enjoyable aspects, from relaxation during the longer, sunnier days to fun vacation times with the family, one disadvantage is that it also sometimes becomes a bit too warm, especially if you live in the sweltering city of Atlanta. The only way to truly beat the scorching heat is by having a strong air conditioning system, providing you with cool and comfortable air even when the temperature ranges in the triple digits. 

To make your home or business a refreshing place to work or relax, rather than a sweaty and stuffy space, get in touch with our specialists at Veasey Mechanical Services Inc. We offer the most reliable Atlanta air conditioning services, while simultaneously keeping our prices affordable and competitive.

Contact us now at (404) 800-3650 to discover why so many people are turning to our company for dependable AC services in Atlanta, GA.

Total Support for Any AC Issue You Can Think Of

You never have to be worried about calling several different companies if you have multiple issues occurring in your AC system. Our Atlanta air conditioning technicians are specialists when it comes to air conditioning, which means we can handle installations, troubleshooting, and a whole lot more.

Take advantage of our comprehensive range of AC services in Atlanta, designed to meet your individual needs.

Just some of the support we offer involves:

  • AC repair – Your hard-working air conditioner must labor a lot more here in Atlanta, where the summer humidity makes the temperatures feel hotter than ever. With all the extra cool air that your conditioner must produce, it is likely to experience issues from wear-and-tear over time. Our devoted technicians can offer fast and effective repairs to cool you back down in no time.
  • AC installation and replacement – If you have just set up your new home or business, do not hesitate in seeking a reliable air conditioning installation. It is simply too warm during the summer to survive without a powerful AC unit, providing you with a refreshing comfortable environment. We also offer excellent replacements if your faithful old system has finally expired from age or use over the years.
  • Mini split services – One of the most innovative advancements in air conditioning technology is the rise of the mini split. Rather than having to argue with your family members over the thermostat controls, mini splits allow each room to be set at a unique temperature, suitable for whoever is in the room now. With on-demand air conditioning, your energy bills will also dramatically decrease.
  • AC maintenance – No matter what kind of air conditioning unit you have, the common denominator between all of them is that every AC system needs to have dependable maintenance. Regular checkups are key to ensuring that your AC stays at the top of its game, since we can rapidly clean parts or fix minor issues long before they develop into bigger disasters.

Call Today for Dependable Service

Never hesitate to reach out to our reliable experts at Veasey Mechanical Services Inc., since we love answering the questions of each one of our clients. Our Atlanta air conditioning team is known for going above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs! 

Call us today at (404) 800-3650 or contact us online to discover how you can schedule a free estimate for any air conditioning services in Atlanta, GA.


Got a question? We are here to answer!
  • What is covered in my warranty?
    Veasey Mechanical Services Inc. products come with a manufacturer’s written warranty on parts and our own limited labor warranty. Call or visit our Decatur location to review the warranty periods for ... Read More
  • How long does a Veasey Mechanical Services Inc. air conditioner or furnace last?
    With regular preventative maintenance and a professional installation, industry averages suggest that an air conditioning system will last for approximately 15 years and a furnace for about 25 years. Read More
  • How do I select the right heating/cooling system?
    Veasey Mechanical Services Inc. provides you with an energy analysis to determine operating costs and customizes a system to fit your particular needs and budget. Are allergies a primary concern? ... Read More
  • Where can I get replacement parts for my HVAC systems?
    Contact Veasey Mechanical Services Inc. in Decatur at (404) 800-3650 for help with obtaining almost any brand name manufactured parts for your heating and cooling systems. Read More
  • Is it necessary to replace my existing heating or air conditioning system?
    Professional Veasey Mechanical Services Inc. technicians provide trustworthy assessments and repairs for your HVAC systems and provide recommendations if you are considering a new installation. ... Read More
  • Should I be concerned about indoor air quality?
    According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our exposure to air pollutants is significantly higher when indoors as opposed to outdoors. Veasey Mechanical Services Inc. services and ... Read More
  • “I appreciate his honesty, he didn’t try to get me to buy a new furnace when I just needed it apart.”

    Julia H.
  • “Their price was $900 cheaper than a competitor for the exact same service.”

    Satisfied Customer
  • “Their prices are fair and their customer service and quality of work are superior. Would highly recommend them!”

    Sofia K.
  • “He went above and beyond to make sure my AC is running properly and I recommend their services!”

    Chris O.
  • “They communicated superbly prior to the appointment and showed up within the promised timeframe.”

    Shawn B.

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